Saturday, November 14, 2015

Traffic exchange with easyhits4u

The Best Traffic Exchange

Traffic exchange program with many unique features.

Famous program with over 1,039,000 members.

Receive 100 FREE visitors to your site just after surfing 50 first pages
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Geo targeted ads.Geotargeting and custom timingcontrol.
You can select the country or region whwre you would like
the visitor to your website, banner or text ad to come from. 
Free rotator.
Fre and easy to use Splash builder.
Unique 1:1 Traffic Exchange

Traffic exchange with eBesucher

Advertising in the visitor and mail exchange
You can  earned points on Ebesucher :

visiting websites of our partners in the surfbar
reading emails with advertising messages
referring new member

Ebesucher platform is free , provides internet traffic to participating sites and more money on the bank account of our users. 
User can earn money for surfing the web and reading emails!
Additional money for referring friends

Free advertising for your website, project, blog or video, through Ebesucher traffic exchange and mail exchange
Get up to 400 visitors per hour!

Cost effective advertising for businesses and promoter

Minimum payout of 2€
Payout with  PayPal or  EU transfer.

100 visitor points and 10 mail points as a bonus for signing up

More than 500,000 members have signed up!

Advertising in the visitor and mail exchange

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Powerful Marketing Tips, Tricks, and Secrets

With this affiliate program, you get :

1. Free traffic to your site. 
2. Commissions up to 30% . 
3. Incredible free tools to build your own membership 
and establish a presence on the internet. 
o free email address 
o free website 
o free traffic exchange 
o free five day website success course 
o and more 

4. Discussion list where you can ask questions related 
to internet business and get your site reviewed 
in front of 25,000 subscribers. 

5. Weekly newsletters with articles about promotion 
and building business on the internet. 

The difference in our approach to help you establish your 
business on the internet, is in not to tell you how quickly you 
will make thousands of dollars (because we don't believe in that) 
but to show you ways, and give you tools to assist you: 

o bring audience to your site, 
o establish lasting relationship with your audience 
o make your visitors return to your site over and over again. 
o make good income from promoting our site 

Remember business on the internet is like any other business 
and the more confidence you build, the more likely you will 
be able to communicate your message to your customers. 

You are not trying to sell, but helping your visitors. 
Offering solution to your visitors problems doesn't even feel 
like selling. It is problem solving and this is why you not only 
will feel that you are growing your business but that your business 
has a purpose. 

This affiliate program has a two level nature, meaning that 
people who join from your reference will contribute to your 

Whenever you send visitor to our site directly, we will give you 
3-5 credits which will be used towards display of your ads 
on our network. You will also be paid traffic commissions. 
$5 for each 1000 credits earned and $2 from your referrals 
for each 1000 credits earned. 
You will be also earning 50 credits for each new affiliate 
from your reference. 

On top of this if we sell any of our products to anyone 
you referred, you will be earning commissions from 20% 
to 30%. 

More information here

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Free marketig tool.

Free marketig tool.

I have a quick question for you ...

If you had a way to get over 10,000 ad impressions 
every day completely for free ... would you jump 
all over it?

Well then, you better start jumping!

I just found an incredible new ad platform that is 
doing things totally differently and the benefits 
are unbelievable ... in fact, you probably wouldn't 
believe me if told you right now, so just go see ... 

Free advertising

This is a total game-changer when it comes to 
getting your ads seen by thousands of people all 
over the world.

Trust me, you haven't seen anything like this before!

Plus, they are integrated with a top-notch social 
network that is designed entirely around marketing.

You really need to just see this for yourself, so 
I will stop talking now :)

Free marketing tool

With this tool, you can create your own ads and have 
them displayed on potentially thousands of other 
websites completely for FREE!

Adzly is totally changing the way people advertise 
and once you see what they are doing, you will 
understand what I am talking about.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Social networking with Apsense


Get Paid to Promote Your Business and Make Friends.
Here is an awesome and exciting community that has made me thousands. If you are like me I like joining communities that will help me make money and build friendships at the same time. 
With the most important part is being able to sign up with no fee involved.
You can make a business profile,a business center and you can create blogs and RevPages. A Revpage is a page you can have revenue from; you can highlight a specific program or service.

You can even put your own ads on many pages for free.

Some Of The FREE Tools Include:
Revpages (Review of your products and services)
Business Centre (Create your own personal business space)
Blogs (Write about your favourite topics)
SEO Tools (Tools to help you get listed in a higer rank on the search engines)
APSense Community 2 (Just for social)
ASK Apsense (Get help from experts in a diverse field of categories)
eZine Space (Create professional looking newsletters)

Sign Up and get paid to promote your business.